Here is what others say about Kaleo Wheeler 

"Your storytelling convinces me that the shortest distance between two people is a story.  Thank you for illustrating that stories come to us through many ways, some of them without words."                                                  
Sarah Larson, Asheville NC  June 2015

“We fell completely in love with Kaleo.   Her kind spirit and the gentleness of her words and thoughts just make our hearts rejoice.  When we thought of  fun things to offer to our residents, she was the first person who came to mind – because of that gentle spirit and because after the show there were smiles on everyone’s faces.  It was as if our spirit was lifted up."
—William Troxel, Appalachian Christian Village, Johnson City TN    August 2009
 "Kaleo is an enchanting, peaceful, earthy, beautiful and very talented woman. Thank you for bringing Culture and Grace through your beautiful music and words to us. Yours is Truly an Art!"                                                            
- Kathy Fischer, The Bristol Healing Arts Center, Bristal VA   August 2009

My experience of your healing harp music was a truly healing, sacred, and profoundly moving moment in time.  At that time, my first wife, Rio, was in the last days of her transition to her next life and your harp strings brought gentle waves of peaceful vibration that soothed her soul ... and mine.  You were able to tune in to Rio's energy and play a matching vibrational frequency that flowed like liquid to her sensitive state of being.  I will always carry with me the peace that you gave that evening.  Thank you, Kaleo :-)
​Dan Watson​, Integrative Bodywork Healer   May 2006

“Kaleo has the most soul-touching power with her songs….(they) have soothed my ragged edges”
—Bonita Osley, Asheville NC       April 2008

"Kaleo’s music is very calming and helps me center and breath deep…Sort of like being wrapped up in a warm blanket and being held by tender arms.” 
Becca W., Johnson City TN     may 9, 2009

”When I listen to Kaleo's CD, Ulana, The Way of the Heart, I feel like I'm walking on the ocean shores with the wind blowing across my face as peace settles in my spirit and in my soul.  Whenever you need to take a break from life and get away from all the busyness that life can bring, Kaleo’s music will wisk you off to a world of peace and relaxation that you will never want to escape from. It always brings me back to what really matters in life, love and relationships.”           
—Michele Williams, artist/poet  September 2009

“Ulana is a powerful statement of love, wholeness, and respect for all life. Bask in its energy and you will be transported to a realm where the spirit is real.” 
Alan Cohen, author of A Deep Breath of Life  December 2008

"The love exuding from your voice will heal many and give the children strength to move forward. Bless you. " 
—Lorraine Wittich   2002

"Ulana, The Way of the Heart is deeply beautiful, spiritually moving and well done in every way. Kudos for a magnificent album!"   
—Richard Shulman, keyboardist and composer, September 2007

"You are an extremely powerful, strong and fiercely tender singer. I am not quiet sure that I have come across that combination in an artist. It is striking. Your voice is striking. You are striking. When listening to your music, we entered almost into a trance-like state. You are so gifted. I do not really have the words."
—Marna Young, Energy Medicine Practitioner     October 2008

"Awesome - What an amazing gift you bring to the world  – the Gods are smiling! "           
 —JoAnn Chambers, Visionary Music     December 2008

"There is a powerful quality of authority in Kaleo's voice...when she calls the winds, she is really in contact with the winds"         
—Peggy Rubin, Ashland OR  March 2002

"Your voice brings forth angelic energy when you sing. The angels rejoice all in the heavens. "  
—Alice Miller, Toronto Canada  2002

A Gift of Song

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