A House Concert with Kaleo
  • A House Concert with Kaleo
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Friday, May 27, 2019 7:00pm - 9:00pm at the River House at Glendale Shoals, East Spartanburg SC

Kaleo Wheeler is a charismatic, powerful and unique Musical Storyteller through blending her Stories of Love and the Heart together with her intoxicating gift as a Singer and Dancer

Whether it is in the small intimate setting of a private party/house concert or a larger speaking event with hundreds of people; Kaleo Wheeler is fully present in the world of the story she is telling and draws the audience in to open their hearts and be part of that story with her.

Kaleo’s concerts give people a “time out” from all the stress and craziness in today’s world through listening to stories and music that are positive, uplifting, inspiriting and heartfelt. The audience returns home feeling more relaxed and at peace within themselves

"Kaleo's kind spirit and the gentleness of her words through her stories just make our hearts rejoice....because of that gentle spirit; and because after the event, there were smiles on everyone’s faces. It was as if our spirit was lifted up."

A house concert is exactly what it sounds like: a get-together of friends in your living room, deck, or garden, with live music, and often food, drinks, and conversation. House concerts are cozy, intimate and allow the artist (Kaleo) to really get to know attendees.

House concerts can be: an alternative to going out on a Friday night a ladies night for all your girlfriends a concert under the stars on your deck a reason to get all your friends together a way to celebrate a birthday or another special occasion an opportunity to enjoy music and friends in any home setting

Come join us for a wonderful, unique, inspiring and enjoyable experience.

This is in a private home. Address and directions given with the purchase of a ticket.

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