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Kaleo Wheeler has been singing for as long as she can remember. She began her formal training in her early teens after two doctors told her mother that she had an unusually large opening in her throat, something they said was characteristic of exceptional singers.  Her vocal studies continued into adulthood, eventually leading her to become a voice specialist and teacher herself.  Kaleo also discovered her love for dance at an early age, studying ballet as a child and belly dancing and traditional Hawaiian hula as an adult.  Today, she has over 30 years of vocal and dance training experience.

Kaleo began performing as a female vocalist in her teens, first singing popular songs. She later studied classical music and opera, completing her college training at the Academy of Dramatic Art, where she moved into musical theatre.  After graduation, she lived in New York City, singing and appearing professionally in cabaret and nightclubs, including Catch a Rising Star and the Improv.  She was the opening act on a  college circuit, working with the current up and coming comics who included Jerry Seinfeld.  She performed in musical theatre, including the title role in a Florida production of “Mame.” She recorded demos for several composers; and in 1992 was the vocalist on Jack Conrad’s recording, ."Mother Earth Dance”  In 2007, she completed her first solo CD, “Ulana, The Way of the Heart”.

Her music repertoire includes light jazz, standards from the 40’s through the 70’s, show tunes and world music, and Celtic songs. In 2001, Kaleo began studying harp and now often accompanies herself with a small harp, as well as with instrumental tracks.  She has been a Certified Music Practitioner through the Music For Healing and Transition Program (MHTP), sharing live therapeutic music through her voice and music for the sick in hospitals, nursing homes and with those in hospice in the final stages of transition since 2005. 

Kaleo has also been a member of the national organization, The Positive Music Association,  and she became a performing artist with the GINA for Missing Persons Foundation in 2007.  Many of her concerts are benefit concerts—most often as a GINA artist focusing on a local missing person.  She also sometimes dedicates a concert to a local community issue as in helping to raise awareness and funding for a local women's shelter. 

Kaleo is currently performing in the Spartanburg and Upstate SC area that she now calls home.  In addition to sharing her music at senior residences, she is also focusing on her favorite venue - the house concert.  If you are in the Upstate SC or know anyone living there would you know would enjoy have something different for a birthday, anniversary or any private party they are planning, please have them contact Kaleo create a special concert for their event. 

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