Find Your Voice - An Empowerment Program for Women

 Be Heard, Acknowledged and Respected
through Positive Communications and Loving Actions

Do you hesitate to speak up for yourself, afraid of the consequences?

Do you feel lost in doubt, frustration and insecurity?

Are you experiencing misunderstanding and hurt feelings in your relationships?

  • We are living in a time when women are having their voices now being heard, and it is possible for you to experience the same. 
  • Imagine having a step-by-step system that will help you to tap into the spirit that is within you, the breath of your life, the voice of your soul.   
  • When you come from that place within yourself,  you then communicate with others through Positive Communication and Loving Actions that create a Peaceful Coexistence and Spiritual Partnership in all your relationships.

What if you could live your best life through praise, encouragement and appreciation for yourself and others?


We can achieve and be anything we desire - we just have to make the decision to start. 

I hope you will choose to walk with me and allow me to help you on your journey by Blessing the Present, Trusting Yourself, and Expecting the Best to consciously manifest life joyously in every present moment for yourself and with everyone and everything in your world


"Kaleo is an incredible guide and a true inspiration for how to help women to find our way back Home to Ourselves through this wonderfully rich culture and tradition to gracefully live the life we want. The Woman's Path: Living Aloha 8-week program has been life changing for me with steps and system being so simple and practical to work with."                                              -A. Green

Find Your Voice - A Woman's Empowerment Program

A Integrated Step-by-Step System to:
 Feel self-assured, safe and confident to 
¨ create peace and balance in all your relationships, starting with yourself

Benefits you will receive:

  • feeling connected to your inner spirit and wisdom.
  • the confidence and self-assurance to express yourself with openness, honesty and humility
  • feeling more respected and supported within your world.
  • the ability to resolve conflicts within yourself and with others with ease, compassion and forgiveness
  • the tools to help you to put unresolved issues from the past behind you, be totally in the present moment and excited about the future.
  • to create peace, balance and joy in all your relationships, starting with yourself
  • a moving meditation to experience a better self image and to create calmness, well being and joy within yourself

As a spiritual consultant and facilitator, Kaleo helps women through:

An 8-Week Intensive one-on-one Program
Classes, Workshops, Teleconferences
Private Sessions - Individual and Monthly Packages

The 8-week program and private sessions are vailable in person in Spartanburg SC or on Skype

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