Musical Storyteller and Artist

Kaleo is a charismatic, powerful and unique Inspirational Storyteller through blending her Stories of Love and the Heart together with her intoxicating gift as a Singer and Dancer 

Blending her rich, warm voice with the soothing vibrations of her small harp,  Kaleo's stories shares universal, life-affirming messages of Love and HeartFull Connections that inspire, uplift, unite and enlighten the audience  to return home feeling more at peace within themselves and with their world.

"Kaleo's kind spirit and the gentleness of her words through her stories just make our hearts rejoice....because of that gentle spirit; and because after the event, there were smiles on everyone’s faces.   It was as if our spirit was lifted up."                                                                                                      - Appalachian Christian Village Senior Residence, Johnson City TN

        Kaleo Is Available for:                 

                                                 House Concerts                        Private Parties                                                           
Colleges & Universities       Clubs & Organizations       
    Healing Centers & Churches      Corporate Events 

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